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Our History

Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association (SLMNA), founded on the 14th of February 2015, is the pioneer organization dedicated to the field of clinical nutrition in Sri Lanka.

SLMNA was established with the virtuous vision, of improving the field of clinical nutrition in Sri Lanka as a supportive service to patient care, in both curative and preventive health sectors.

Dr. Renuka Jayatissa, who was also instrumental in the introduction of clinical nutrition postgraduate training in Sri Lanka, was the founder president and Dr. Damean De Silva was the founder secretary of the association. Leading Medical Professionals from other colleges, together with a core team of medical doctors from the first two batches of the MSc Human nutrition program were the other office-bearers of the first council and was supported by Ministry of Health and the government medical officers association.

The founder's membership consisted of 74 members. This included clinicians from all categories such as physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, anesthetists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, community physicians as well as medical officers. Today SLMNA boasts a membership of 290 -lifetime members and keeps the momentum expanding.

SLMNA which was initiated with many financial as well as social constrains has flourished under the patronage of our president Dr. Renuka Jayatissa, and the dedicated contribution of the membership, by way of knowledge, skills, and wealth, towards new horizons.

In 2016 SLMNA, held its 1st clinical nutrition sessions graced by the presence of his Excellency the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mr. Maithreepala Sirisena as the chief guest. It was a historic achievement under the leadership of the president and the dedication of the membership. The tradition follows, and yearly Clinical Nutrition Annual Academic sessions were being held with the participation of eminent international and local speakers. Read more

Untiring and enormous efforts of the president of SLMNA, led to the launch of the MD program in clinical nutrition, by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine in 2017. The program was able to produce, highly trained and qualified Consultant Clinical Nutrition Physicians in Sri Lanka setting a hallmark in the South Asian region.

Yearly conducted MCQ program for MSc selection examination, while expanding the knowledge of medical officers has been a financial asset to SLMNA in the very beginning.

Market fair was a novel concept of the SLMNA president which made the membership to develop a forum for discussion of the available local and international products in nutritional care.

Island wide awareness programs to introduce the importance of nutritional care in hospitalized patients were conducted initially in many hospital in collaboration with relevant clinical societies to develop and utilize this novel field of clinical nutrition, led by the SLMNA president.

SLMNA has gallantly reached out to the international arena of clinical nutrition, and obtained a council member of the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) since year 2017.

In 2018 and 2019 SLMNA, successfully coordinated the 'Life Long Learning course in Clinical Nutrition, conducted by ESPEN. It was attended by local and international trainees in clinical nutrition and gave Sri Lankan trainees an international learning experience.

SLMNA has also been co-partners in the Malnutrition Awareness Week program with the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN), collaborating internationally in the nutrition field.

SLMNA is geared to play a pivotal role in preventive nutrition care. The association has contributed to addressing the double burden of malnutrition among children and adults. Collaborative projects such as the "We Are Healthy" program in Colombo District schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Non-Communicable Disease Unit, the "Work Site Wellness" program with government ministries targeting the working population to reduce the Non-communicable Diseases and capacity building programs to enhance nutrition in the estate sector in collaboration with the South Asian Food and Nutrition Security Initiative under World Bank, Plantation Human Development Trust and Health Education Bureau are some examples of such efforts.

Our association was partnering with Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association and Endocrinology society in numerous public awareness programs as health walks, healthy eating exhibitions, diabetic day programs and many more and the awareness campaign on 'healthy eating and nutrition in covid-19', conducted over social media platforms is another timely intervention by the SLMNA.

Currently trained professional in Clinical Nutrition are providing an island wide service in major hospitals, contributing to the betterment of patient care via nutritional optimization via Medical Nutrition Therapy.

This unique organization strengthens its internal unity and harmony yearly by organizing an annual get-together with the members and their families.

The president and the council, with the young and enthusiastic membership, are a great strength to SLMNA in its flourishing journey towards building an optimum clinical nutrition service to Sri Lanka......


Nutrition leading to good health and well-being.


Drives change through dialogue, leadership and action to help, solve the most important nutrition challenges of patients and general public in Sri Lanka.

President's Message

Nutrition is an extremely important discipline which is integrally related with good living, health and wellbeing. Food and nutrition have individual, regional, national and international implications. A life cycle approach to nutrition could improve the ability of mankind to reach its maximum potential of life, therefore educating doctors and other stakeholders in the area of nutrition should receive utmost priority.

Good nutrition plays an integral part of management of diseases. Many diseases, especially Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), could be largely prevented and controlled with proper nutrition. New technologies applying the food based approach of management of diseases are minimally utilized in our current healthcare practice. We plan to develop guidelines for the nutritional management of individual diseases and there on work to incorporate nutritional management into conventional care. We hope to strive towards incorporating the concept of nutritional management of diseases to all national nutrition policies which are directed towards improving health gains of the population. We hope to thereby ensure efficiency, effectiveness, quality, affordability and sustainability of such programmes.

Dr. Renuka Jayatissa

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Our Pioneers

Founder Secretary’s Message

Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association was inauguratively started on 14th February 2015. It was a great experience to the first batch of Medical Nutrition group who courageously defeated all the obstacles that came across. The strongest hand in the Medical Nutrition field in the country, Madam Renuka Jayatissa was the main pillar and Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya as the president of GMOA gave his generous hand to us. On the inauguration day as the first registered member Dr Lalith Wijerathna did the first donation with his genuine heartiest wishes. Read more

We had only about fifty doctors and a limited budget at the beginning but as the founder secretary my heart fills with a great pleasure when I see how proud and powerful our association SLMNA today. As the founder secretary, I was always greatly supported by all the members of first batch of MSc, but I should mention the name Dr Jayani Thennakoon, assistant secretary who gave me a tremendous support throughout. SLMNA is still a growing child that needs to be protected with love and care. More and more creative and energetic doctors trained in clinical nutrition are now joining and SLMNA will always be on the top to do the best to the nation. Long hail SLMNA

Founder Secretary
Dr. Damian De Silva
MBBS (Sri Lanka), MSc (Com.Med), MSc (Human Nutrition)