President’s Message

Dr. Renuka Jayatissa

Nutrition is an extremely important discipline which is integrally related with good living, health and wellbeing. Food and nutrition have individual, regional, national and international implications. A life cycle approach to nutrition could improve the ability of mankind to reach its maximum potential of life, therefore educating doctors and other stakeholders in the area of nutrition should receive utmost priority.

Good nutrition plays an integral part of management of diseases. Many diseases, especially Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), could be largely prevented and controlled with proper nutrition. New technologies applying the food based approach of management of diseases are minimally utilized in our current healthcare practice. We plan to develop guidelines for the nutritional management of individual diseases and thereon work to incorporate nutritional management into conventional care. We hope to strive towards incorporating the concept of nutritional management of diseases to all national nutrition policies which are directed towards improving health gains of the population. We hope to thereby ensure efficiency, effectiveness, quality, affordability and sustainability of such programmes.

Dr. Renuka Jayatissa