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From the constitution

  1. Members
      The association shall consist of the following categories of members.

      • Founder members
      • Ordinary members
      • Honorary members
        2. Admission to membership
      • The following shall be eligible for election to membership.
          • Ordinary members- Any medical practitioner with MBBS or equal qualification, registered by the Sri Lanka medical council who is interested in Medical Nutrition.
          • The founder members shall be any Medical Practitioner with MBBS or equal qualification, registered by the Sri Lanka Medical Council and is interested or/and currently contributing to the nutrition services in Sri Lanka and whose names were submitted to the association before/during the inauguration.
          • Honorary members – The council may elect honorary members from among  those who have made a special contribution to Medical Nutrition field. They will enjoy all rights and facilities except the right to vote or hold office.
  2.  Subscriptions
    • Life membership(ordinary)- Rs. 3000.00

      Ordinary member’s annual membership- Rs. 500.00

      Those who are in default of membership fee for a period of two years shall lose their privilege of membership.

    • Subscription dues shall be payable on or before the day of the AGM of the current year.
    • The membership fees shall be reviewed and revised whenever needed by the council.

You can handover your application form to Dr. Chandima Hathurusinghe (0772928118) at Medical Nutrition Unit, NHSL.