Good food festival

The Good Food Festival was declared open by the honorable speaker Mr. KaruJaysooriya onthe 27th  of June 2015 at ViharaMaha Devi Park.Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association(SLMNA)   launched  their   website  at  the  opening  ceremony;  transforming  the  event  to  ahistorical land markof the health system of the country.Sri   Lanka   Medical   Nutrition  Association   contributed   to   the  event   in   terms   of  two   wellorganized and well-attended stalls,which were conducted by membersof SLMNA.

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One   stall   was   intended   to   estimatingbody   fat   compositionof   all   theparticipants of the festival. It was doneby   using   Bio   ImpedanceAnalyzers(BIA).   There   was   atremendous   enthusiasm   among   theparticipants   to   get   their   bodycomposition analyzed. All the participantswere provided with a written document of theirtotal   fat   composition,   subcutaneous   fat   composition,   visceral   fat  composition   etc.At-riskindividuals   wereidentified   andrelevant   nutritionalcounseling   together   with   relevanttherapeutic life style modificationswere made .Furthermore they were referred to the  nearestMedical Nutrition Units for further follow up by medical nutrition doctors.

 Good food festival (12)The   Second   stall   was   a   lively   and comprehensive   demonstration   of complementary feeding   for   infants   from six  months   up to  the  completion of  one year.   This   stall,   demonstratedhow   amother   should   change   the   quantity,quality,   consistency,   frequency   andpreparation methods  of  complementary feeding to keep   up with  child’s growth.A specialemphasis was given to enlighten the participants regarding feeding during illness.The two day Good Food Festival was a successfulmemorable experience for SLMNASLMNA is anovel association that contributes towards the attainment of highest  possiblelevels of nutrition status of the nation, through provision of quality nutrition care in bothcurative and preventive sectors. We look forward to engage in similar endeavors in the future.