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From the constitution

  1. Members
      The association shall consist of the following categories of members.

      1. Founder members
      2. Ordinary members
      3. Honorary membersAdmission to membershipThe following shall be eligible for election to membership.
          • Ordinary members- Any medical practitioner with MBBS or equal qualification, registered by the Sri Lanka medical council who is interested in Medical Nutrition.
          • The founder members shall be any Medical Practitioner with MBBS or equal qualification, registered by the Sri Lanka Medical Council and is interested or/and currently contributing to the nutrition services in Sri Lanka and whose names were submitted to the association before/during the inauguration.
          • Honorary members – The council may elect honorary members from amongst those who have made a specialcontribution to Medical Nutrition field. They will enjoy all rights and facilities except the right to vote or hold office.
  2.  Subscriptions
    • Life membership(ordinary)- Rs. 3000.00

      Ordinary member’s annual membership- Rs. 500.00

      Those who are in default of membership fee for a period of two years shall lose their privilege of membership.

    • Subscription dues shall be payable on or before the day of the AGM of the current year.
    • The membership fees shall be reviewed and revised whenever needed by the council.

You can handover your application form to Dr. JayaniTennakoon (0718505879) at Medical Nutrition Unit, NHSL.